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Mod Wikis

Welcome to the home of explanation of MelanX' mods. Here you can find explanation about nearly everything.

Currently, this wiki page is still in development. That means, this will be filled with information one by one. If you want to help to fill this wiki, you're free to create pull requests. You can always see which mod was even be started to work on by looking at the left sidebar.

All the wikis here should target the latest version of the mod.

Below, you can find all mods with links to their wiki pages (even if they have a separate page), the CurseForge download count (+ link to project), Modrinth download count (+ link to project), and link to GitHub repository.

All my mods

AIOT Botania✔️
AnalyzerNot availableNot available
Automatic Tool Swap✔️
Botanical Machinery✔️
CucurbitaNot available✔️
Curse of Curses✔️
Data Trader✔️
Default World Type✔️
Ex Naturae✔️
Extra Disks✔️
Just Enough Advancements✔️
MelanX TweaksNot available
More XFood✔️
NBT RemoverNot available
Present StandNot available
Recipe Printer✔️
Simple Backups✔️
Simply Harvesting✔️
Simply Tools✔️
Sky GUIs✔️
Skyblock Builder✔️
Skyblock Ultima Tools✔️
Vanilla AIOTs✔️
Vanilla Excavators [Forge]
Vanilla Hammers [Forge]
Yellow Snow✔️

Last update: December 20, 2022